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Intures is an all-round engineering firm, but we also have several specializations where we excel. These specializations have one common feature, and that is "digitization".

Intures continues to develop in the field of digitization and innovation. This allows us to work more efficiently and cope with the shortage of technical personnel. This way, we can do more work with fewer people!

By developing our own software, we offer our employees the opportunity to realize their own ideas and wishes from practice.

Our projects are supported by the use of drones, 3D laser scanning, and custom software tools, among other things.

Inspections are not standalone, we use them to determine the right solutions, approach, and execution.

Our advice is objective, but we always think a few steps ahead. Of course, you keep control: we work project-based and do everything in steps.

Intures for lifespan extension maintenance

  • More than 20 years of experience.
  • Custom inspections for special locations and complex environments.
  • Innovative technology and data form the basis.
  • Total approach: from inspection to realization.
  • Asset data management and information acquisition with the help of 3D scanning.

Measuring buildings, project locations, and other elements to create a detailed representation of reality

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Fire safety

Through the use of preventive measures, fires can be prevented, quickly extinguished, and kept under control.

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Inscannen pand voor de gemeente Amstelveen/ Aalsmeer Case
Scanning a building for Amstelveen / Aalsmeer
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replacing footbridge Case
Replacing a footbridge at a great height
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10th floor hospital Case
A 10th floor for the hospital: what a view!
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cat bar system Case
Hidden costs: cat beam system on the roof
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luminiscerende lijnen Case
The hidden hospital floor level: fire safety
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verduurzamen ijmuiden Case
More sustainable homes, the IJmuiden way
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