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Steel, oil, gas, waste, water, wind, and nuclear energy; We are at home in all branches of industry. Maintenance of your factories, installations and structures is crucial for production, safety, and long-term results. That starts with knowledge and insight: knowing how things stand.

We clearly map out the situation, identify eventual defects and collaborate with you to determine the correct maintenance strategy; Which investments and which solutions are needed to ensure that an installation can last for another 20 years with a keen eye on effective budget spend.

We love our work in the field more than the office. Solutions, although designed in the office, are found, and applied in the field. With this in mind, we are most happy to take the inspection and engineering off your hands. Thanks to our complete approach, we always look a few steps ahead, save costs, and by experiencing ownership, we are jointly responsible for the end-result. This assures we can really make a difference together.

Preventing downtime and ensuring safety, that's what it's all about even during inspections and carrying out maintenance. We have 20 years of experience working in special locations and in complex situations. Inspect the nuclear production environment? This requires customization and a very careful organization with integrity.

Smart maintenance

Internet of things, sensoring and virtual reality: When available, we immediately apply new technologies if this can assist with increased availability. For example, we work with the mobile NavVis VLX, a scanner with which you walk through a building or installation. Scanning becomes up to 6 times faster and therefore cheaper. It is our honest belief customers will soon be able to view inspection models by means of augmented or virtual reality.

Driven by innovation and data

We are specialized in making 3D models of buildings and installations. This allows us to visualize defects very clearly, as well as the solutions. We do this in clear digital dashboards instead of thick reports or sensitive information sent by mail. Efficiently and secure.

Inspections do not stand alone, we use them to determine the correct solutions, approach, and execution.

Our advice is objective, but we always think a few steps ahead with the process in mind. Of course, our customers will always remain in control; We work on a project basis, do everything in steps and provide clear reports about them when necessary.

Intures for life-extending maintenance

  • More than 20 years of experience in the industry.
  • Tailor-made inspections for special locations and complex environments.
  • Innovative technology and data form the basis.
  • Total approach; From inspection to realization.
Jarno Water
Operational Director

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Total solution

We organize all inspections and visualize your assets in clear 3D models. These data form the basis for maintenance engineering. We draw up advice, protocols, calculations, and plans. Because we become acquainted with your location, we can also take care of the construction management like no other.

By means of an online inspection platform, you have real-time insight into the current maintenance condition of your assets, and you can optimally apply Asset Management. Our consultants are ready to support your team with everything that comes with it.


Insights are acquired with thorough research inspection and analysis.

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Maintenance engineering

From 3D models to advice, calculations and a plan of action.

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Construction ­management

Of guaranteeing quality and safety, to the entire management.

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