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Intures – anything but a traditional agency

Intures is anything but a traditional engineering agency with only draftsmen and designers. We believe in the power of the complete solution by collaborative engineering and execution.

We have the specialists to completely control the processes from problem and cause analysis, identification of risks and accept any challange to assist in or organize asset optimization in order to sustain optimal cycle extension within acceptable budget.

Partnership and commitment are at the forefront of everything we do. With our knowledge of situations, our expertise and our commitment to adapt quickly to changing factors, Intures is a valuable asset to our customers' teams. We are the maintenance partner, that shows shared ownership and commit ourself to a succesful shared end-result. The trust our customers place in us is one of our main company values.

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We are fully committed to digitization

With data, we can do that much more. We are at the forefront when it comes to clearly visualizing the condition of buildings or installations. By translating our customer's maintenance strategy and tactics into clear visualizations, the result is directly usable for making the right decisions. We utilize proven and validated solutions but if not available, we develop it ourselves within the customers' requirements. One example is our inspection software which provides real-time access to current inspection data and process.
Wherever innovative power and a pragmatic approach is needed, our customers know where to find us!

Our belief is that instead of maintenance being a cost item, it is an investment for improved availability and effectiveness!

With a clear maintenance vision and a smart strategy, resources can be allocated in a more efficient way. With sustainability and life cycle costing in mind, we always apply for a balance between risks, investments and opportunities for the long term.  Our creativeness, entrepreneurship, and determination in collaboration to achieve the highest goals possible is highly valued by our customers.

Grow, innovate, and excel

Our reputation exceeds our own ambitions in a way that we constantly wish to extend our borders and the wish for continuous improvement and progress. We believe that we will be a valuable addition to our customers’ company goals by performing on top level and develop even smarter solutions along the way. Constantly proving our worth in collaboration is the only way to earn respect from your customers.

Working at Intures

Intures consists of a young, eager, and enthusiastic team that goes all out for it. We share a tremendous urge to continually improve ourselves and within this process, we always want to do better and faster than everyone else and the day before.


Meet the team

Ron Spanjaard
Managing Director
Jarno Water
Operational Director
Ronald Schavemaker
Technical Director
Dennis Heemskerk
Project Manager
Mark Jagerman
Project Manager
Peter de Boer
Project Manager
Bram Andriessen
Marcel van Geldorp
Arjan Kempes
ICT / Engineer
Robbert Hoek
Project leader
Roger Dekker
Dylan Otto
Erik Slagboom
Assembly Coordinator
Ed Mol
Benno Zuidenga
Sr. Assembly Coordinator
Fabrisio Koopmeiners
Assembly Coordinator
Nick Schrama
Assembly Coordinator
José Voorting
Arie Schermer
Lead Engineer / Supervisor
Coen Kwakman
Assembly Coordinator
Kevin Geestman
Ben Vennik
Bart van der Wekken
Marianne Spanjaard
Danny Potveer
Tom Jansen
Lead Engineer
Gijs Jansen
Lead Engineer
Sabrina van der Himst
HR Advisor
Jim Bruin
Aad van Duin
Jeroen Zuidenga
Junior Inspector
Job Versteeg
Junior Inspector
Dawid Stelma
Junior Inspector
Senna Mol
Assembly Coordinator / Supervisor
Casijn Tromp
Online Marketeer
René Neuman
Project leader
Mike Koopmans
Junior Application Manager

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