Buildings / Design and advice

Design and advice based on 3D models and data

Permits, drawings, and calculations are what you will have to deal with regarding new construction and renovation projects.

We measure, design, and take care of the architectural and structural drawings for each phase of your project. We can also assist you with procurement tenders or with construction supervision. In short, within every step of your process from idea until realization, we can assist or take over if requested.

These are our specialisms:

  • 3D laser scanning: measuring buildings, objects, and terrains
  • 2D/3D drawing (architectural and structural)
  • BIM models
  • Structural calculation work for concrete, steel, and wood structures
  • Building decree assessments (living areas, ventilation calculation in accordance with NEN1087 & NPR1088 and the equivalent day lighting provision in accordance with NEN2057)
  • Cost calculations (budget estimate, cost estimate and management budget)
  • Organizing and submitting an environmental permit application
  • Specifications and tendering

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