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Inspection management for an optimal process and result

The best strategy for life-extending maintenance? Problems with an installation? Need a license to operate? Inspections are always the starting point even if the problem statement is not yet clear.

There are many types of inspections and in the industry the solution often lies within customization. Every situation is different, there is not always a ready-made protocol on the shelf. From standard inspections to customized solutions; We are happy to share our expertise for this. Together, we determine not only what we are going to measure, but also why, how, where and which means, or assistance needs to be used.

Carrying out inspections in an industrial environment requires thorough preparation and optimal process control. That's where our organizational talent comes in handy. We think along with you about risks, dangers, obstacles, logistics and carefully coordinate everything. With our experience, we know exactly what to consider. In this way, we prevent unnecessary downtime and ensure that we can carry out our work safely and efficiently.

With innovative techniques of 3D laser scans and drone images, we can collect more and more information in a short time. What we do with that data is no less important. We invest heavily in this; With visual 3D models, we are ahead of the market. No thick reports, but clear glimpses into the current maintenance condition of your assets using clear visual indicators and colours. That sounds simple, and it is. It's about everyone understanding it and being able to link solutions to it. With this practical approach, we can quickly advance and save greatly on costs.

Inspections of stairs, handrails, and platforms; Ssafety first

We inspect tens of thousands of them every year. We do this completely digitally so that we can compare the data every year and ultimately predict failure and maintenance needed to prevent this. Through our online inspection platform Mainvisio you always have insight into the maintenance condition of your assets.

All inspection data is digitally recorded in the field and can be clearly consulted by means of a dashboard for the customer. The reporting of calamities is fully automatic so that incidents can be addressed to and secured immediately.

From inspection to advice and a plan of action

We not only perform the inspections but also guide you towards the following steps. After all, that is what it is all about! For example, we provide integrity inspections, but also the arithmetic test; what will the effect of the possible defects mean for the integrity of your building or installation? We perform feasibility studies or assist with obtaining the permits after carrying out the fire safety inspections.

Other services

  • 3D laser scanning
  • Inspection protocols
  • Integrity inspection
  • Residual life inspection
  • Conformity inspection
  • Structural engineering
  • Safety inspection
  • Fire safety inspection
  • Condition measurement NEN2767
  • Custom inspection
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