Buildings / Research and analysis

Insight starts with thorough research, inspection, and analysis.

To gain insight into the structural and/or structural condition of your building or into the cause of defects, we conduct thorough research. We map out the situation, analyse and assess and provide advice for the following steps to be taken.

We also carry out inspections and research to ensure that your administration is up-to-date and that your (new) building complies with current laws and regulations.

Façade inspections and gallery research

In the Netherlands, there are many homes and residential buildings that have exceeded their intended lifespan by far. With the passing of the years, buildings degrade and (hidden) defects will present themselves. For example, many homeowners struggle with buildings whose façades and galleries have an increased risk. We have broad expertise and are constantly optimizing our approach. Through our digital inspections methods, we can map out defects in detail and clearly give sounds maintenance advice.


Laws & regulations

  • Surface measurement and certificates in accordance with NEN2580 & NTA2581
  • Chromium- 6 study
  • Evacuation plans in accordance with NEN1414
  • Plan of attack for the fire brigade in accordance with NEN1414
  • Evacuation plans in accordance with NEN8112

Our services briefly:

  • 3D laser scanning: measuring (skewed) buildings, objects, and terrains
  • Maintenance advice (recovery plan and cost estimate)
  • Roof and façade inspections
  • Structural inspection safety of cantilevered gallery plates in accordance with the CUR248
  • Structural inspection safety of existing masonry in relation to outer cavity sheets in accordance with SBR protocol 629 12 & BRL 2109
  • Fire safety inspection of a building
  • Condition measurement and long-term maintenance (financial) plan (MJOB) of buildings in accordance with NEN2767
  • Technical inspection of the building and installation in accordance with RVB-BOEI
  • Demolition and asbestos research
  • Visual and NDT research of concrete and steel structures

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