What if... we efficiently access your assets at any place?

What makes working at height challenging?

Our customers come to us for inspections, advice and coordination for what is needed for the safety and lifespan extension of their assets. It often happens that specialist services are required, for example because these services have to take place at great heights!

First of all, coordination can be challenging: the supplies and logistical maneuvers for the work require space, which is not always available in a practical location. It may also be that (part of) the assets are not accessible at all, or that the condition of the access options needs to be assessed. Finally, the work to be carried out may have an impact on the environment, such as a required production stop at the underlying location. Time is therefore a critical factor!

In such situations, a strategic plan must be drawn up: how can one get to the right place efficiently and how can the specific work be completed safely, accurately and quickly? Intures has experience with various working methods that can be used to offer our services at height. We are happy to advise you about the possibilities.

Aerial work platforms

It may not be desirable to erect scaffolding for (short-term!) work, such as for an annual or incidental inspection. Access can then be provided to the assets that need to be inspected using aerial work platforms.

This is also often applied in higher factory halls, which are less accessible or where there is a deteriorated condition of platforms whose safety needs to be assessed. A safe and flexible option is to use an aerial work platform.

Scaffolding plans

Naturally, there are man-hours and costs involved in constructing and renting a scaffolding, but when more extensive work needs to take place, a scaffolding provides long-term safe access to assets.

We can help you decide which type of scaffolding is suitable for your project. After construction, we can check whether the scaffolding meets the specific requirements. With our knowledge and experience we are able to assess whether placing scaffolding at a certain location is possible.

Rope Access

In some locations you cannot manage with aerial work platforms orĀ  scaffolding. However, these difficult-to-reach locations need to be accessed from time to time, for example for inspections or repairs. Rope Access can provide a solution, especially for short-term work that does not require much material.

A lot of inspection and research requires human action, making this an efficient way to operate safely. For example, some measurements require corrosion to be removed first, something a drone cannot yet do.

Why Rope Access?

Rope Access literally means "access with rope": we access your assets with positioning & rope techniques. Typical locations where such access is required are, for example: offshore industry, process industry, confined spaces or facades above water.

Intures employs certified employees for this purpose. They can safely reach these places by climbing the assets in a secured manner, where a hired L3 supervisor ensures safety in accordance with the IRATA (Industrial Rope Access Trade Association) regulations. This allows us to carry out the necessary specialist work in hard-to-reach places: visual inspections and other Non-Destructive Testing, such as thickness measurements and ultrasonic testing. We always like to continue developing and are therefore open to other rope access requests, please feel free to inquire.


Intures also works with drones at locations that are difficult to reach, for example when the location is too high for the use of aerial work platforms. This method lends itself well to a visual quick scan.

This can, for example, be used to draw up an accessibility plan and make decisions about inspection activities. You can find out more about this method via our reality capturing page.

Drones can collect a lot of data about your assets in a short time. Our drone services will be expanded in the future. In addition to visual inspections, the drones will be able to provide solutions in the areas of volume measurements, thermal imaging and film and photography.

Intures takes care of this independently with its own drones, our team of drone pilots and supporting engineers. The data obtained can be linked to the digital platform Mainvisio, where data is plotted on a 3D mesh and dashboards provide visual insight into your asset maintenance.

Sensor inspection

When continuous monitoring of the maintenance status of assets is desired, it may be an option to perform this inspection by installing sensors. Applications that Intures is familiar with include crack monitoring or material fatigue.

We do this by measuring the acoustic emissions, in collaboration with our partner who supplies the sensors. This gives us the necessary information about the condition of the material which is visualized in Mainvisio. This way you always have real-time insight and overview of the condition of your asset.

We are always open to customer requests in this area. Digitalization and automation are important priorities for Intures. We want to support our clients in the most efficient way possible with maximum results!

Mobile crane

In the event that all the aforementioned methods are not an option for activities at height, the mobile crane with a basket could offer a solution for some cases.

Well-known applications include: inspection or repair of chimneys. However, this method is only used on the basis of a thorough plan and of course only under safe conditions.

Why Intures?

Intures has the necessary experience and knowledge to get the right specialist in the right place for all the necessary activities to keep your assets safe and extend their lifespan. In addition to safety, quality and your planning are also guaranteed, as we have all the engineers for your project in-house: from inspection to advice and from coordination to control. We are active at strategic, tactical and operational levels.

And that saves a lot of communication and time! We also have an extensive network, which allows us to draw up a suitable plan for almost any challenge at height. In us you will find a critical partner who is flexible and open to co-development of the technical innovation that takes your operation and maintenance to the next level!