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Maximum sustainability performance and safeguarding of laws and regulations

Improvement of your real-estate’s sustainability is an essential necessity to assure the energy transition effectively.

For new construction, the government has set the sustainability bar considerably high. For existing buildings, currently this is a lot less tightly regulated. We would be more than happy to think along with you about improving the sustainability performance of your property in an efficient and effective manner. Following, we can assist you to take concrete steps in applying them.

Design electrical engineering and mechanical installations

In the sustainable design or renovation of a building, installation technology plays an increasing part. That is why we found a permanent, specialized partner for this. Together, we are happy to help you make real estate future-proof.

Reliability assurance

Increasing complexity and integration of different technical systems entails risks. Due to failure of, for example, the power supply, the primary process of your organization can suffer considerable damage. A high uptime of the ICT environment is important because, in the event of a breakdown, all communication often comes to a standstill.

We map out these risks together with you so that we can apply the correct structural and organizational measures and guarantee operational reliability. This also includes access control, intrusion detection or camera systems.

Laws & regulations

The government is very active within the dynamic field of technology; laws and regulations are constantly being adjusted. Think of building regulations and occupational health and safety regulations but also requirements and standards in the field of fire safety or legionella risk management.

Ambiguity is often the result. Does your property comply with the current laws and regulations and is it properly secured within your organization? That is the question. We are happy to help you with this. We always have the most up-to-date knowledge and can be an independent sparring partner for your team.

Real estate optimization

Living in churches or offices, business premises that are being converted for the new way of working; The real estate market is in full swing and that brings many challenges. The efficient adaptation of existing real estate or the development of new real estate in a responsible and future-oriented way can be complex. Architecturally, but also with regards to optimizing the installations. We assist you to draw up a conclusive business case and gain insight into the costs and benefits of your investment. We are happy to work with you for maximum performance; Less energy consumption, more user comfort, and lower costs.

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