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What does fire safety mean for businesses?

Of course, a fire outbreak is a disaster for both entrepreneurs and employees. The safety of everyone within a building must be ensured. Hence, fire safety.

In the case of a fire, we refer to unsafe situations where there is unwanted fire present. The use of preventive measures can prevent fires from starting, can be extinguished quickly and kept under control.

To determine whether a building complies with fire safety laws and regulations, Intures first maps out the object. This is done through 3D laser scanning, after which a BIM model is created. These BIM models can be used to easily create escape and evacuation plans. These are drawings that show all fire safety provisions.

These drawings are then reviewed by a fire prevention specialist before being presented to you.

When to use buildings in a fire-safe manner?

For some buildings, you need an environmental permit for fire-safe use. And sometimes you only need to make a notification for fire-safe use (use notification) to the municipality.

For certain buildings (such as a daycare center, café, or hotel), the municipality imposes additional requirements on the fire safety of a building if necessary. These requirements prevent fires, fire hazards, and accidents in the event of a fire. Then an environmental permit for fire-safe use is required.

For some buildings, you also need to make a notification for fire-safe use to the municipality. For example, for buildings where more than 50 people can be present at the same time.

Intures can help you make this notification and check whether you need a usage permit or whether a usage notification is sufficient.


Fire safety is important for everyone who needs to comply with the Building Decree regulations. Some areas where Intures can help to promote fire safety include:

  • Factories
  • Retail
  • Production facilities
  • Museums
  • Offices
  • Schools
  • Monuments
  • Parking garages

Fire Safety Products

In the context of fire safety, we can offer the following products and services, and apply customization where necessary, to ensure that you are optimally prepared for emergencies.

  • Fire safety inspection
  • Compliance check on usage permit
  • Usage notifications according to NEN1413
  • Preparation of evacuation maps and accessibility cards according to NEN1414
  • Preparation of evacuation plans according to NEN8112
  • Risk assessment & evaluations

Fire Safety Process

01 Inventory of existing documents

It is important to establish a starting point. For this, it is important to investigate the building file for the presence of ``as-built`` information such as floor plans and cross-sections of the building. If this information is known, an estimate can be made of the project costs.

02 Building Decree and Principles

Based on the building decree and the existing drawings, it is determined which compartmentation is required and how many square meters of floor space the building has. The building decree requirements for fire safety depend on the amount of square meters of floor space.

03 Fire safety scan

The next step is to carry out a fire safety scan on site. During this inspection, the necessary fire compartments are checked, as well as other facilities required for fire safety. The inspection results are summarized in a report. This report can potentially serve as a tender document to instruct a contractor to bring the facilities up to standard.

04 Basis document

Next, the basis document (UPD) is prepared, which becomes part of the permit application. In this document, we provide general building information and which principles (i.e. legislation in combination with additional requirements) are applied in this building. If we deviate from these rules/requirements, it will also be indicated in this document.

05 Granting the permit

At some point, the permit is granted or additional requirements are imposed on the application. If adjustments are necessary, we will modify the drawing and resubmit it so that the permit can be granted.

06 Implementation, control, and aftercare.

If adjustments need to be made to the safety provisions in a building, they must be carried out by an accredited contractor. In some cases, after an internal renovation, something may have been changed compared to the permit application. In those cases, a request is made to adjust minor details (e.g. the position of a fire extinguisher).

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