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Intures is an inspection- and consultancy firm specialized in the field of operational life-extending maintenance. We assist our industrial and real-estate customers with substantial and complex maintenance challenges. We can operate on strategic as well as tactical levels enabling us to cover the full maintenance area until contractor execution including the management and supervision of the project itself. Inspections, engineering, management, and supervision can be found under the same roof where our skilled professionals are able to adapt to any challenge at hand.

This integrated and collaborative approach allows for so much more than usual; we are always a few steps ahead. Every insight leads to even smarter solutions and therefore to better results. As engineers, we are extremely driven by this approach. Results are our objective whereas problems are to be solved and not to be a limitation. We believe in long-term collaborating partnerships, in which we substantially contribute to the goals and ambitions of our clients and work together to solve the major challenges in the sector.

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Intures is growing to become leading in the Netherlands. Why are we this successful? We understand our customers. After all, we stand next to them on-site, right where we need to be every day, even if it is in "the dirt". Involvement and skills are therefore equally and sometimes more important to us as diplomas. Our people experience all the freedom and plenty of room to grow. We determine our future together!

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Inspections and maintenance of industrial facilities and their installations and structures are crucial to prevent downtime and to assure the required safety levels. Thanks to our experienced knowledge, we can adapt to any necessity needed to take control of situations that occur. With our 3D inspection method, we can not only bring defects to light, but visualize them as well. This radically simplifies the decision-making process within the maintenance strategy and the implementation of modifications and repairs.

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Maintenance engineering
Construction management
Asset management


We are more than happy to assist with the process of lifespan extension and increasing the sustainability of Real Estate.  Either already within the design process of new assets or maintenance and modification of existing assets, we possess the skillset to assist you or completely take over the whole process from beginning till the end. We have experienced professionals in the fields of design, inspection, organization of (building) permits, construction- project and asset management.

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Research and analysis
Design and advice
Energy and sustainability

Mapping the existing situation at lightning speed

3D laser scanning is a technique used to map existing buildings or environments thoroughly and transform them into 3D point clouds by using the latest advanced NAVVIS VLX mobile laser scanner.

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